Living with Bipolar Disorder

Here is one individual's view of Bipolar Disorder, albeit from an adult perspective,
this is well worth the few moments it takes to watch.

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  1. I have three adult children with BiPolar they inherited via my mother and their father. I have had many trials with them through teenaged years omg. As adults my daughter can't live a normal life she always has "dramas" it is so frustrating but then I remember she has a disease it is not her fault. My two sons also have ODD along with their BiPolar keeping them from tearing each other apart over the years has been unbelievable! Thank you for your great information here it has really helped me as a parent with multiple children with this issue get a fresh perspective on things.

    1. GS, Thank you so much for your comment and insight. I am grateful that you have found my blog helpful. I too worry immensely about my children's future, but I pray that with the early interventions and appropriate diagnoses, we can help them to obtain the necessary awareness and skills required to cope with and compensate for their challenges as they grow and mature. I am aware that much of it may well be out of my control and that is difficult, as my children are still young, and the prevailing perception of cause is parental x, y, z. From this there is tremendous guilt. Keeping it all in perspective is key I think.


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